Level 10 Window Tinting Service

Level 10 also provide a professional window tinting service to retail and trade clients to add privacy and security to your windows. Or, you may just want some bespoke customisation to enhance the look and appeal of your vehicle.


Our highly experienced tinters can advise you on the most appropriate shade for your individual vehicle. Our window tinters have over 45 years of combined experience fitting the specialised protective film in dust free areas for a perfect and flawless finish. Having your windows tinted reduces the solar heat entering the vehicle by up to 63% which helps to protect the interior plastic and leather in the vehicle. It also lowers the UV radiation entering the vehicle by 99% which protects the occupance from heat and glare.

Having protective film on your windows strengthens the glass and makes it harder for people to break into your vehicle, it also reduces the risk of flying glass in the unfortunate event an accident. Not too mention the additional aesthetic benefits and increased levels of personal privacy.


We also offer services for commercial and residential properties which eliminates fading on furniture and provides privacy and security and improvements to your working environment. Tints are also very easy to maintain, once fitted all that is required is normal window cleaning. If you are interested, or would like further information about our tinting services please contact us today.

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