4. Master Wrapper Course

4. Master Wrapper Course


From beginner to advanced, learn all you need to know about wrapping…



This course is made up of five days. You will learn everything you need to know about the wrapping industry from beginner to advanced. You will learn the basics first and have a day in the classroom then we will build up your confidence hands on and work our way to the more difficult panels.


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The first fun packed day will cover the different types of adhesive films, the temperatures and the whole preparation process. We will go through the different skills and techniques you will use whilst cutting to make it suitable for your specific style. We’ll go over the calculations you need to make in order to get the right amount of film required for each project.

In the afternoon your tutors will provide interesting and informative wrapping demonstrations before you have a go at wrapping yourself. The rest of the day will continue with our tutors guiding you through the process and helping you get comfortable with the materials and skills required.



The second day will extend your capabilities even further and will be focused on the skills required to address different shapes and sizes of vehicle panels. The tutors will continue to guide your progress and offer tips and advice to broaden your skill level.


DAY 3 and 4

Days three and four will consist of continuing your progress and learning how to wrap more challenging panels that are harder to approach. Both days will be practical and will also teach you skills such as how to tackle larger panels, curved sections, boots and bonnets etc. These two days will allow you to further develop your skills and make perfect your techniques.


DAY  5

Day five will consist of teaching you the techniques required to wrap complex areas such as vehicle door shuts and how to approach them correctly. You will be shown top tips by our tutors such as wrapping seamlessly and separately and how you can adapt to the one you prefer for your individual style of wrapping. In the afternoon you will then be wrapping different parts and panels on a vehicle in exactly the same way as if it’s for your own vehicle wrapping business.

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Available Dates:

3rd – 7th Feb 2020, 2nd – 6th March 2020