Window Tinting Training

Window Tinting Training


There are no doubts that proficient window tinting is an art. However, with patience and an aptitude for working with your hands it is certainly a skill that can be mastered to provide a lucrative business opportunity.

Our course covers the fundamentals of automotive window tinting and an advanced course that covers not only automotive tinting in depth but also residential and commercial applications. This will teach you the skills and techniques behind successful window tinting. Practical demonstrations and hands on tutorials are fun and informative. Whether you choose one of our tailor made franchise opportunities, or go it alone the backup does not stop. We offer full after tuition technical support for all Level 10 trainees.


Prices from £250 per day (group price)
‘One on One’ Tuition £500 per day

Full Course Details

Course Content

• Introduction to tinting vehicle windows and residential and commercial glazing.

• How to market your business and attract clients

• How to meet your clients requirements

• Automotive window tinting and the law.

• The correct material to use on various applications.

• Tools of the trade

• Chemicals and solutions

• Preparation- As a wise man once said “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”!

• Reading the glass

• How to handle the film

• Automotive interior trim removal

• Cleaning- Cleanliness is everything!

• Installation techniques of up/down opening windows, fixed and opening quarter windows, saloon rear windows and rear hatch windows.

• Sunstrips.

• Flat glass preparation and film installation.

• How to deal with gaskets

• How to shrink and shape film on to curved glass

• Removal of old tint film

• Common problems and how to deal with them.

• The secrets, hints and tips of the job.

Additional Information
Available Dates:

3rd – 7th Feb 2020, 2nd – 6th March 2020